Bapusaheb Deshmukh Seva Pratishthan's

Siddhi's Institute of Pharmacy

(Approved by PCI, New Delhi, Govt. of Maharashtra, DTE Mumbai)
Affiliated to MSBTE, Mumbai & Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere (Raigad)

Pharmaceutics Lab

The Laboratory mainly deals with the development of dosage forms and its evaluation. This laboratory has all basic and advanced facilities for undergraduate level experiments related to dosage form design and its basic evaluation. Our laboratory facilities enable students to understand all steps of manufacturing of any dosage form. Pharmaceutics laboratory house the basic instruments like, Roche Friabilator, multiple sampling Dissolution Testing Apparatus, liquid filling machine, ointment filling machine, Clarity Testing Apparatus etc.

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Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab

In this lab, students learn about synthesis of pharmaceuticals compounds, its re-crystallisation (purification), identification and analysis. This laboratory is well equipped with all essential equipment required to performed practicals of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Pharmacology Lab

Pharmacology involves experimental demonstration of drug effects on different tissues & organs. It is tested on animals like frogs, guinea pigs etc. Anatomical diagrams of important organs are displayed in this lab to facilitate the students to understand the importance of experimental pharmacology.

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Machine Room

The Machine room houses rotary tablets press, ointment filling machine, tablet coating machine, collapsible tube crimping machine, mixers, dryers and other equipments.

Medicinal Garden

We have a very well planned and maintained, medicinal garden. The medicinal plants procured from various herbal gardens and wild are being maintained in the college campus. Students learn about basic information regarding their sources, family, chemicals constituents, and uses. There is a collection of more than 50 plants of medicinal importance.

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Computer Lab

The significance of Information Technology in pharmacy education cannot be sidelined, and, with an aim to maximize the use of technology, all necessary provision has been made, including a centrally located, well maintained, state-of-the-art computer lab. All work-stations throughout the campus are networked via LAN, thus enabling constant access to the internet for all academic related needs. A foundation course will be provided to the students at the onset of their academic year to make them acquainted with the World Wide Web consortium and how technology can be used to its full potential in assisting them with all their academic related research during the course.